Pivka Military Museum

A day trip on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of THE I. WORLD WAR, with the Pivka military museum that shows the weaponry left behind by various armies on the Slovenian territory, spacing from the ancient era, trough the I. and II. WW to the war for the Slovene independence. 1 DAY Departure from your accommodation towards Pivka that is located cca 12 km (7,4 miles) from Postojna. The historical military park in Pivka offers to the visitors a wide and rich vision of the armaments on the strategically important territory of Slovenia. 3303110918195507 The rich military history of the area is now exhibited in Pivka and includes a vast national tank and artillery collection containing examples of American, Soviet and Yugoslav tanks and cannons left behind by various armies on the territory of what is today the Republic of Slovenia. There are numerous exhibitions among which we find the important Regio Carsic Militaris that takes the visitor thematically trough the the oldest of the Ancient and Middle Ages until the modern history. Induces a lot of curiosity the sabotage submarine P-913, belonging to the class of pocket submarines called Una, which was produced in Slovenia, at that time part of Yugoslavia and shows the capacity of development and building, of which very few states at the time could boast. Typical lunch at the nearby agro tourism: a very rich homemade salami mixture with ham, sausage, pickled mushrooms, cheese and home backed bread, then a must are two of the traditional soups of Slovenia; one with porcinis and mixed mushrooms and the other-hare’s stew, than for main course two types of meat, potatoes and vegetables from their garden, salad and home dessert, all accompanied by a delicious wine. park-vojaske-zgodovine In the afternoon visit of the town Vipava and the spring of the homonymous river at delta – unique in Europe. With 25 bridges Vipava is also known as little Slovene Venice. After visiting the town center, we stop at the Slovenian Army headquarters to visit the Museum of the Soca front. The exhibition makes us relive the berms of the Austro-Hungarian army, the front trench, a cave that served as a warehouse and telephone central, the battalion commander accommodation, and much more. On the way back, stop at Cernice to visit the WWI cemetery on the hill, which is the final resting place of the fallen in the first world conflict. Here we find buried 466 fallen soldiers of both sides: Italians, Slovenes, Croats, Austrians and Hungarians. Mostly soldiers of the 96th Karlovac infantry regiment, causalities from injuries sustained in the fighting on the Soca front or because of diseases contracted in the nearby military hospital. Were buried between 1915-1917. The package includes: the entrance fee to the Museum at Pivka with guided touring, entrance fee at the museum in Vipava, a rich lunch with beverages: a quarter liter of wine and half liter of mineral water per person and our assistance throughout the day.