Beautis of Slovenia



Transfer from Brnik Airport (letališče Jožeta Pučnika) to the Ljubljana city center. After the hotel check in we take a city tour, discovering the old city center with its Baroque and Renaissance buildings and dragon shaped statues all over the city. To feel and sense the city from another perspective we are going to take a boat excursion on the Ljubljanica river. It is a whole new experience, to see the city from the river prospective and admire the sightseeing from a different angle. The guide will take us on a walk through the old city center and introduce us all the historical, architectural and religious buildings in the town. Furthermore we take the funicular railway to a mighty medieval fortress, the symbol of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, that is an interesting tourist point, the idyllic ground for long strolls just a glance away from the lively city center. The Castle’s outlook tower offers a stunning panoramic view of the city, especially at night. We than descend the hill on foot to the old city center…Dinner in hotel and overnight stay.

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After breakfast we leave the hotel to unveil the Slovenian coast and the Karst region. The first stop it’s the Planinska Cave, more than 7 km (4,4 miles) long cave with its imposing entrance in the symbiosis of stone and water. The cave is inhabited by the proteus anguinus, the little, blind, human shaped fish (in Slovene it’s called človeška ribica which means human fish) and the bats, than we will see the canopy of stalagmites on the ceiling and a whole other bunch of cave curiosities. The cave leaves a strong impression and is famous for its stunning confluence of two underground rivers. The journey continues with the visit of the medieval Predjama Castle, which reigns over the surrounding area. It is perched high up in a dramatic setting of a vertical cliff in the gaping mouth of the mountain above, just 13 km (8 miles) from the Planinska Cave, in the idyllic village of Predjama. After the visit of the castle again on the road, headed to the Cerknica lake, close to Predjama. It is a gorgeous lake of karstic formation that, when in its full size covers an area of 24 km² (15 square miles). With continuous variability of its image, the Lake reveals itself in a different aspect to its visitors, at every season change. Lunch at the local renowned agritourism, with typical dishes; for cold starter: salami, ham, cheese and other delicious homemade goodness, all accompanied by home baked bread with cracklings. Further on, their famous mushroom soup and beef soup with homemade noodles, for main course two types of meat with different side dishes composed of stuffed or roasted potatoes and vegetables, salad and typical domestic dessert strudel with cranberries, wine, water and coffee. After lunch, we will discover the lake from a horse pulled harness which is a very joyful experience. Before we go on the cart, the farmers will give us a shot of blueberry schnapps just to keep us warm.

After lunch we take the highway to the seaside and pass Koper, Izola and Portorož to reach the most gorgeous and gracefull town on the Slovenian coast – Piran. Throughout time, Piran maintained the clustered medieval structure, narrow winding streets, houses huddled close together rising in cascades, the contact with the sea, numerous squares and churches. Tartini Square is the gem found in the very centre of Piran. It was named after the famous violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, who made the town world-famous. The city is surrounded by a circular wall and a church, with its Venetian church tower overlooking the city from the hill. In the evening return to Ljubljana, dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

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In the morning we head towards The Alpine region between the Julian Alps and Karavanke high peaks. Firstly we visit Bled, the magnificent and most picturesque alpine resort with a marvelous mountain lake and a tiny island with a church on it. Before the visit of the old castle upon the rocky overhang, a must is the kremšnita – cream cake, known to Bled for decades, is in fact the symbol of Bled. It delights you with a golden crispy crust made from butter dough (mixed with butter, not margarine), a delicious vanilla cream of exactly the right consistency, topped with whipped cream and a crispy layer of butter dough and finally, last but not least, a good dusting of icing sugar). The Bled Castle offers the finest view of the Bled island, the town of Bled and of the wider countryside of the Gorenjska region. Further on, we take a walk through the breathtaking beauty of the Bled’s Vintgar gorge. The 1.6 km long gorge leaves an impression on every visitor. Its steep depths, vertical walls and the rapid river beneath are all intended to impress. The Radovna river carves its way through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Bort hills and is graced by its waterfalls, pools and rapids. The educational trail leads you over wooden bridges and Žumr’s galleries and ends with a bridge overlooking the mighty 13 m high Šum waterfall. After that amazing experience it’s lunch time. To close the day in beauty, we head towards Bohinj, to take a swim and have fun by the glacial Alpine lake in the Triglav National Park. Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia, nested in the heart of the Julian Alps, this jewel is a precious natural resource and at the same time offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities. If it’s wintertime, or just bad weather, instead of the dip in the lake, we will take a stunning bike ride through the Kranj city underworld. That truly is a unique experience. After the cyclist experience we visit the old city center of Škofja Loka.



From Ljubljana to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, proud to have the oldest wine plant in the world and with a character a whole different from the capital Ljubljana. After visiting the main square, the castle and Lent, we proceed towards Jeruzalem, picturesque village known for its scenery landscape and one of the most breathtaking wine roads in Europe. We stop for a wonderful lunch before taking the wine road. The agritourism, build on top of a hill has a stunning view on the surroundings and offers local specialties that will leave a mouthwatering memory. The cheff will spoil us with homemade salami and ham accompanied by home baked bread, to continue with a wonderful chicken soup and another one with spinach. Just enough time to take a breath and the tables ar covere with plates full of goodness. Homebred deep fried chicken, beef with mushroom sauce and pork roast with potatoes, local pasta called mlinci and a special kind of potato dish called zganci with sour cream and cracklings and dressed salad of course. But wait, there is some more…home baked cheesecake and gibanica (typical local dessert). After lunch, the Jeruzalem Wine Road famous for its numerous excellent wines, will finally take us to Ptuj, the oldest Slovene town, with a beautiful church and a rich history with many monuments to prove it. We will stop at the cellar to take a tour among the barrels and to taste some of these tasteful wines. Arrival at the hotel in Ljubljana in the evening, dinner at the hotel and overnight stay.



In the morning, after the breakfast and hotel checkout, some free time to explore hidden parts of Ljubljana and relax on vivid banks of Ljubljanica River. Transfer to the Brnik International Airport. End of services.