Cerknica lake itinerary + Planinska cave


The Cerknica lake is to be found in the immediate vicinity of the Postojna caves and it is a gorgeous lake of karstic formation, that when in its full size covers an area of 24 km² (15 square miles). With continuous variability of its image, the Lake reveals itself in a different aspect to its visitors every time the season changes. In the spring the lake blossoms in all its aspects: it fills with water that stays till summer, a great part of the birds comes back, more than 200 species, you can spot fishermen and surfers…

cerknica 8

The bathers come in the summer to catch the first warmth of the early summer sun and take a bath, because with the arrival of the hottest months, the lake dries up and the water disappears in the potholes. It recalls the desert with its dusty surface, somewhere covered with weeds and grasses that the farmers for the cattle.

With the autumn the waters comes back and the lake becomes a fantastic background for romantic walks, where you can admire the beautiful nature , the woods in its autumn colors, the blossoming meadows…you can even go mushroom hunting.

cerknica 5

In the wintertime, the lake tends to cover itself in ice offering an icy surface with gorgeous surroundings for the ice skaters and hockey players. The nature, covered with a snow white blanket gives fabulous and romantic walks for the visitor that comes from December till February.

The lake it’s a world class karstic phenomenon and the speologists come every year to study it.

In the morning arrival at Cerknica-just 25km (15,5 miles) from the Postojna Cave, to visit the lake with a harness which is a very joyful experience, people sing, laugh and enjoy themselves. Throughout the year in different seasons, the ride with the harness around the lake, offers every time a different experience.

Before we get on the cart, the farmers will give us some homemade bread with cracklings and a shot of blueberry schnapps.

cerknica 6

Lunch at the lake in the renowned agritourism with typical dishes: for cold starter salami, ham, cheese and other delicious homemade stuff, than their famous mushroom soup and beef soup with homemade noodles, for main course two types of meat with different side dishes with stuffed or roasted potatoes and vegetables, salad and typical domestic dessert strudel with cranberries, wine, water and coffee..

In the afternoon visit of the Planinska Cave, more than 7 km (4,4 miles) long cave with its imposing entrance in the symbiosis of stone and water. We take a walk for about 500m (1600 feet) beside the Pivka river which formed the cave, admire the abundance of water and the majestic river reverberate, ponds and the water mill. The cave is inhabited by the proteus anguinus, the little, blind, human shaped fish (in Slovene it’s called človeška ribica which means human fish) and the bats, than we will see the canopy of stalagmites on the ceiling and a whole other bunch of cave curiosities. The cave leaves a strong impression and is famous for its stunning confluence of two underground rivers. It is not known as the Postojna cave, and precisely for this reason not so crowded with tourists and therefore offering a much more personal contact and experience with the amazing underground world. The visit takes a hour and a half

The package includes: the harness ride at the lake, the lunch with beverages, the entrance fee at the Planinska jama cave and our assistance for the whole itinerary.